September 18, 2021

A Hale and Hearty Welcome From Your Reunion Committee

You're in a darkened theatre munching your popcorn and minding your own beeswax when up pops the Newsreel on the screen.  HEY, what the heck is THIS??, you query...
Wellll, to the soundtrack of The Rockin' Hollywoods, you realize you're watching scenes from your Southwest High School 50 Year Class Reunion...
It's at the Minikahda Club overlooking Lake Calhoun...Everyone is having a ball -- laughing and dancing and eating and hugging and then BOOM...the screen goes black!
WAIT!  I wanna see more you shout, but the announcer is telling you something; something you don't want to hear, which is this:  
...And in grainy black and white flickering film, you watch calendar pages being ripped off month by month....
then soldiers marching off to war... 
newspaper headlines start twirling toward you one after the next...
and FDR appears, telling us in his quavering voice, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." 
And suddenly, HUH?? There you are on the screen a beautiful park next to your other childhood lake, Lake Harriet, under a gorgeous blue September sky and a big canopy of trees showing off their autumn colors.  You are there with your old pals from Southwest 66, all of you laughing and eating and hugging and joking and having a ball. Lucky you.  Lucky all of us.
Yes, time marched on all right, but look what the near future brings...
We are having a PICNIC near LAKE HARRIET 
at Upper Lake Harriet Park
**Check out the Details of Event on the left. 
**Mark your calendar.
**And RSVP - the link is on the left. 
(Before time gets its marching orders)

Your Reunion Committee:

Paula Justice Berry -
Bob Cronk -
Bill Anderson -
Wanda Floyd Campbell -
Phil Fischer -
Linda Mulholland Johnson -
Lyn Dean -
Mary Cervin Strand -
Holly Greene Hazan -
Jeanne Krause Kosek -
Tom Alexander -
Tom King - 


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