August 25, 2016
4 years, 9 months and 22 days since
our Reunion.

A Hale and Hearty Welcome From Your Reunion Committee

From seniors to senior citizens. Who knew? Certainly none of us. In 1966, the notion we would ever reach the age of retirement, Social Security, and Medicare was ludicrous. And now, fifty years later, the concept is… well… still ludicrous. 
Nevertheless, half a century has brought many changes to the SW Class of ‘66. Along with receding hairlines and expanding waistlines, we have become wiser, more seasoned, more open-hearted, and genuinely grateful to still be around. This 50th Class Reunion is the perfect occasion to celebrate who we were, and who we have become.

Your reunion committee is trying our best to make this milestone event magnificent and meaningful. Here is the meat and potatoes of what’s planned:

Thursday evening (Aug 25), we will have an ice-breaker at Tom’s (Alexander) and Jeanne’s (Krause) home in the old ‘Hood. This will be a kick-back casual, jeans & sandals, pop-a-cold-one, let-your-hair-down sort of evening… a totally relaxed and very comfortable way to reacquaint with your old classmates after all these years.

Friday night (Aug 26), it’s cocktails, dinner, and dancing to The Rockin’ Hollywoods at the Minikahda Club, overlooking Lake Calhoun. Dressy-casual describes the dress and the mood of the evening. And when the band strikes up with the soundtrack of our youth, the joint will be jumpin‘. (But not to worry -- if you want to sit one or two out, you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet in the adjacent rooms to enjoy conversations with your old pals.)

Saturday evening (Aug 27), we will gather for a final night in the afterglow (from all that raucous fun the preceding two nights) at the Doubletree Hotel (the old Radisson South), where many of you out-of-towners will be staying. (We have reserved a block of rooms.)  Cash bar and conversation is the order of the evening.

Daytime Doings:  For those of you who don’t need much r & r in-between evening events, we will have a suggested list of activities and goings-on about town, which you might like to explore on your own or get a posse of classmates together and have at it. It’s all up to you, and what you are hankering for at the moment.

So, use and enjoy this website as a source of information, communication, sounding board and sharing board. And start gearing up for a truly fun 50th Reunion. Every one of you is a cherished member of our class, and we can’t wait to see you all again.

Your Reunion Committee:

Paula Justice Berry -
Bob Cronk -
Bill Anderson -
Wanda Floyd Campbell -
Phil Fischer -
Linda Mulholland Johnson -
Lyn Dean -
Mary Cervin Strand -
Holly Greene Hazan -
Jeanne Krause Kosek -
Tom Alexander -
Jeff Moore -
Tom King - 
Karen Sholl -


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