… as we stand at the threshold of the 11th official reunion gathering of the Minneapolis Southwest High School Class of 1966! And I do mean Class, people. Fifty-five years! It boggles the mind to comprehend that huge number; I can’t even say it without an accompanying open-palm forehead slap. But there it is — you do the math and that’s what you get, so it must be true. Almost equally amazing: every five years over that whole era we have reuned, due to the unstinting efforts of a fantastic, ever-shifting  group of classmates. This go-round we have the following people to thank: Paula JB, Bob C, Bill A, Wanda FC, Phil F, Linda MJ, Lyn D, Mary CS, Holly GH, Jeanne KK, and Toms A and K. A special funding initiative this year allows us to present each of them a “BIG Thanks!” check for $55,000,000.00.  
First Lady Kris (Anderson Moore) and I are pretty bummed out, as we used to say, that we can’t attend the 2021 version of this glorious tradition. But I have not an iota of doubt that you’ll cast off any disappointment and manage to have a good time without us. And I want to hear all about it, and I want pictures.
See y’all in 2026.
PS. Seriously people, we’re coming off a pretty difficult year/year-and-a-half, and as I write this (early August) we’re not out of the woods yet — I hope everyone is hanging in there. Along similar sad, sobering lines, I just went to the “In Memoriam” page of this great website and determined that 57 of our 1966 classmates are no longer with us, pretty close to one-out-of-six by my reckoning. Here’s my takeaway from all this: Spend a lot of your remaining time on the planet loving as many people as you can, as best you can, because (a) you don’t have all the time in the world, and (b) what else is there that’s even half as important?