There are places I remember all my life,

Though some have changed, 

Some forever, not for better,

Some have gone and some remain.


                           All the places had their moments 

                           With lovers and friends I still can recall.

                           Some are dead and some are living. 

                           In my life I've loved them all.


                                                Though I know I'll never lose affection

                                                For people and things that went before,

                                                I know I'll often stop and think about them,

                                                In my life I'll love you more.


                                                                                           "My Life" by Lennon & McCartney

Jim Alverson *       Craig Gerdes *           Linda Rambo*

Steve Anderson     Stephanie Hunczak * Dave Renslow

Tom Arnold *         Barb Knapp                Cheryl Rindal

Steph Boddy          Dave Kurvers              Sharon Robbins

Jim Bratschi           Molly Larson               Linda Schmidt

Cathy Brown          Sally Lieb                   Larry Shada *

Phil Campbell         Bob Linderberg          Karen Sjoquist *

Joann Chipka *       Steve Lorentson *     John Standish *

Tom Dobbs              Ramona Lyon            Paul Steen

Janis Doran *         Thomas Mizell *          Sandy Swenson *

Dick Duggan           Jeff Psyhos                 Dennis Totino

Jeff Edsten              Scott Purdum             Sue Wedgewood*

                                                                    Joyce Wolf *

Norman Lessard *                                      Sandy Cooper *

Patty Hall                                                    Sandra Harvey *

Mary Chuckel (Chuchel)                             Don Dickerson *

Dave Carroll *                                             Gerry Schneck *

Pamela LaPitz *                                          Chuck Perrine *

Owen Parker *                                            Bonnie Sivanich *

Anna Phillips *                                            Nancy Blake *

Jeff Bretnor *

Doria Jensen *

George Crone *

Mary Hammer *

Tom Cain *

Karen Armonies *



*  Classmates who have passed away since our 45th Reunion

If you know of any other deceased classmates, please let us know by contacting:  Paula Justice Berry at