One more important last detail

Considering the tremendous number of guests expected at Thursday night's party, Jeanne and Tom are requesting no spike heels and no red wine.  Avoiding both may help preserve the furniture and floors. 

(Denim, shorts, and open toed shoes, however, are welcome)

**Important update regarding the tour of Southwest**

We have been notified by the principal of the school that long pants and closed-toe shoes are a must for the tour.  It will include areas under construction. 
And remember, be aware of permitted parking places.


August 19

New details have been added to the band reunion:

When:  Saturday, Aug 27, 3:00
Where:  Gretchen Conkey Shanight's

Cost: $5.00 for 1966-style food.

6108 Blake Ridge Rd. Edina

RSVP:  Gretchen 952-412-6073 or

To entice you, here are some of the folks who are going to be there: 
Iris, Sue Swanson (and Dave). Barb Rein, Sue Tikal, Mickey (now known as Mick) Thorstensen, Jan, Tom G, Rich C, Robby and others.
August 19

Audubon Orioles Reunion

It has been suggested that the Orioles have a get together and discuss our really younger years and what we can remember.

Saturday morning, August 27th from 10-12 at the Automotorplex located off HWY 5 and Audubon Road in Chanhassen. Paisley Palace is on the corner.


Bev Bruce, (class of 65) and Mike Karch have a car condo there and are hosting a get together. They will provide coffee, juice, bagels, and other very good stuff. Everyone else needs to bring stories and any memories from those days soooooo long ago.


Please let Mike know if you'll be there.



Mike Karch

August 8

** You've asked for it and we are here to deliver and please.  We have arranged for a tour of Southwest on Thursday, Aug 25, at 3:30.  We'll meet at Door 1, which will look like the main entrance and be at 47th and Beard.  Parking can be tricky, as some spots are by permit only.  From there, we'll head over to Jeanne and Tom's at 5:00.

** In case you haven't noticed, there is a now a survey tab with some fun questions to ponder.  Of course filling it out is optional and it's completely anonymous. 

** Be sure to check the Other Activities tab to see what your elementary school alums may have planned.

** If you haven't RSVP'd for the events you're attending, please take a minute and do so.  We want to see you, visit with you and show you the time of your life.  But we also NEED to know whether or not to expect you.  As you'll see on the "Who's Coming" tab, we're going to have an incredible turnout.  But it won't be the same without YOU there.

** The dress code for Friday night at Minikahda is "dressy-casual".  Here is an exerpt from their website:

What is NOT Appropriate Clubhouse Attire?
  • All Blue Denim attire including pants, jackets, and shirts are prohibited.
  •  Low cut, sheer or revealing clothing; baggy pants, cargo pants or shorts, cotton/fleece workout or sweatpants or shorts (e.g. basketball pants or shorts); sports jerseys, t-shirts or undershirts, athletic tank tops, camisole tops, racer-back shirts; spandex or lycra pants/shorts, yoga pants/shorts, leggings or tights without appropriate cover are all prohibited attire.
  • No caps or hats with the exception of outdoor dining areas, the Porch, and going to or coming from the Locker Rooms.


July 25

A few reminders and I'm sure there will be more.....
  • The most important is that Minikahda has a "No-Denim" policy.  It would be horrible to see anyone turned away for this, and from what I understand, they DO enforce it.  'Nuff said on that.
  • If you went to Audubon and have not been contacted by Rich Cohen or Mark Francis, please get in touch with them via this website.  There has been some very fun communication lately with Audubon memories and they're trying to get an organizer for a special Audubon gathering during the reunion weekend.
  • I'm hoping that everyone who needs a hotel reservation has contacted the Doubletree, as today was the last date for reservations at the lower group rate (and that's assuming that our allotment isn't full). 
  • And of course my usual reminder to RSVP for this fabulous weekend.  We still have so many classmates who have gone as far as creating a profile here but who haven't let us know that you're coming to the reunion.  We want you!  We need you!  It won't be the same without you!  Even if you aren't able to be there, please let us know that as well, so we don't think you're blowing us off. 
  • Are you planning to join us?  Wonderful!  Have you sent in your check to Linda Mulholland Johnson or paid via credit card here?

June 19

Robert Fulton /Lake Harriet Elementary Schools Reunion
Friday August 26
9:30 AM

Meet at Fulton (now called Lake Harriet School)
4912 Vincent AV S
Head to the office to sign in (2nd floor)
Tour the school, inside and out. Revisit your old rooms, hangouts and memories (school will be open)

Take a walk (or drive) through the neighborhood, then head to Lake Harriet and stop at the bandshell for breakfast/lunch at the Bread and Pickle (the transformed popcorn/ice cream stand) serving a wide variety of foods plus beer, wine and coffee. You can still get popcorn and ice cream.

Fulton just celebrated its 100 year anniversary- - 1915 to 2015. Even if you didn't attend the school, come anyway. This is a classic building with a ton of brick and varnish that will take your senses beyond backwards: it's what "old school" is all about.

June 10

THIS IS GREAT NEWS!  We are now accepting credit card payments for registration.  This should make it easier and smoother to RSVP and pay while at your computer.  Save paper!  Save time!  Save a stamp! 

And best of all, save making an excuse to the committee as to why you haven't paid yet.  No excuses now.


May 29
Jeff Moore is looking for compadres for a bike ride 
on Friday morning. (Weather permitting, of course.) Details tbd, but the basic plan would be to meet somewhere in the 'hood at 10-ish and go for maybe 20-ish miles or so. One option: take the trail out to Minnehaha Falls, pick up the trail along the river that heads toward downtown, then circle back into SW-land on the Midtown Greenway trail. Or whatever. If you're up for such an activity, contact Jeff (

May 4
Rich Cohen has told me that the band is planning a get-together on Saturday afternoon of the reunion weekend.  For more info, please contact Rich through this website.
March 23
We are so excited to have all the events now up on this website!  You'll see just how hard the committee has been working to plan all of this and have you all join us!

Please check this section often for updates and news.  We'll do our best to keep you informed and we can't wait to see all of you!

Most important right now:  Go to the Details of Events tab and check out what's planned for the weekend.  Then go to the RSVP tab and sign up so we know you're in on the festivities. 

You can also check out the Who's Coming tab to see everyone else who'll be there.

May 1
Our old Wagistanian from 1966 is now online.  Enjoy the slide show of all our senior pictures!  Just click on the Photo Albums tab and step back in time...